Golden Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (PREMIUM)

Buy Golden Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms PREMIUM . Golden Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Prepare to embark on a mystical mushroom trip with penis envy magic mushroom, made by combining two of the most popular strains;  This indica-dominant hybrid has a solitary mission: send your mind and body into the deepest pit of relaxation imaginable. You’ll likely fight back, but in the end, they will bring you to realms you never thought possible.

As we mentioned, Penis Envy magic mushrooms are a marriage of two of the most popular strains. Those two strains are Golden Teachers and Penis Envy.

Probably, your first magic mushroom trip was on a batch of Golden Teachers. That’s because Golden Teachers are ultra-popular, easy to grow, mild, and have been circulating since at least the 1980s.

No one really knows where they came from, but they became the standard for magic mushrooms. The only problem with them is that sometimes psychonauts need an extra kick of psilocybin.

That’s where Penis Envy comes in. Penis Envy is known as one of the strongest magic mushroom strains to ever grace the Earth

With Penis Envy, you’re going to have a blast. That’s because this strain produces incredible euphoria and a nice, calming body high.

Dosing Golden Penis Envy should be done very carefully. As we mentioned, this strain is really potent, and it’s easy to lift off higher than you expected.

If you’re looking for a truly wonderful magic mushroom strain, then Penis Envy magic mushrooms are the strain for you. We know you’ll love them because we only find and grow the best magic mushrooms in Canada here at Shroom Bros.

This hybrid offers a perfect combination of the highly-prized spiritual aspects of Golden Teachers and higher potency levels of the Penis Envy mushroom.

The potency of Penis Envy fills the gap between the Golden Teacher and the Penis Envy, making it a perfect choice for all, beginners and psychonauts alike.


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