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What is Mushroom Liquid Culture?

Depending on the needs and requirements of the cultivator, a liquid culture growth medium can nourish the necessary microorganisms to ensure the pure growth of specific, contaminant-free microbes. Increasingly, mushroom growers are using liquid culture to grow psilocybe cubensis. In other contexts, it’s referred to as “broth.” For preparing a liquid culture growth medium, it is preferable to use standardized protocols.

Nutritional make-up of mushroom culture growth medium

The mushroom liquid culture growth medium contains the following nutrients for the appropriate growth of mushrooms. Mushroom Liquid Culture

  1. Agar
  2. Water
  3. Beef
  4. Extract (powdered)
  5. Peptones
  6. Amino acids
  7. Essential
  8. Ions (electrolytes)
  9. Yeast extract

What is needed in a liquid culture growth medium? 

  • Microbes of interest
  • Heat (as per need of the growth of the microbes)
  • Sterilized containers
  • Sterilized workstation
  • Aseptic instruments
  • Sterilized personnel gear (gloves, mask, etc.)

What’s Inside our package of liquid culture growth medium?

  • A guidelines’ leaflet
  • A vial containing the culture (customized)
  • A syringe: sterile and calibrated
  • Two sterile alcohol swabs
  • One pack of spores

Best features of liquid culture growth medium

  • Extended preservation power
  • Spacious for nurturing plentiful spores
  • A timekeeper product: boosts the germination within hours
  • Labor-free: no need for continuous shaking or mixing
  • Sterile: cultivates 100% pure microorganism
  • Permits uniform growth of microbes, ultimately giving thorough turbid end product.
  • Nutrients enriched
  • Differentiates between the aerobic & anaerobic microbes

Why use a liquid culture growth medium?

  • Sterility test of raw material & finished products.
  • Monitoring of hygiene
  • Validation of sterilization procedures
  • Determining the efficacy of preservatives & antimicrobials.

How to use liquid culture growth medium?

Use a sterile syringe needle or a pipette to inject the microbes into the culture medium. Cover the opening of the vial with the lid, aluminum foil, or a cap loosely and not make the lid airtight. Place the blend in the incubator with the desired temperature as per the need of microorganism inoculated. Further details are mentioned in the leaflet inside the package.

Why choose Liquid Culture Growth Medium?

  • A Ready-to-use product to save time, personnel & equipment.
  • Promotes Hustle-free activities to achieve the desired outcomes.
  • Enriched with the best quality nutrient.

What should you avoid doing?

  • Don’t place the lids of vials on the bare contaminated surface.
  • Don’t use equipment unsterilized or rusted.
  • Don’t expel the last drop of medium from the pipette.
  • Don’t shake the sample prior to use.

Recommendations for use

  • For best results, we suggested using the spores’ vials provided along with the liquid culture vials.
  • Decontaminate the workplace with efficient alcohol-based products ensuring maximum sterility
  • Quick incubation after preparing the culture-spore blend

Storage conditions

  • Unused vials Must be stored at temperature 2-20
  • Keep away from light & heat.
  • Warm the vial at room temperature before use.
  • No external pressure to be exerted at the opening

Our Values

  1. Nutrient broth
  2. Sugar media
  3. Enrichment media

We promise

  • Best quality containers (vial, syringe, etc.)
  • Best quality nutrients used
  • 100% pure microbes’ growth
  • ph and osmolality pre-adjusted

Customer satisfaction

Easy packaging of liquid culture growth medium for sale ensures ease for the customer and avoid any sort of accident while handling the product. The product is cost-effective, and we take pride in ensuring the quality of the product for the beginner microbiologist.

Providing psilocybin products across nations:

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